Our Auction’s Unique Strengths

World Camera Auction has experience handling a wide variety of both new as well as secondhand cameras and other camera related goods. Without keeping a close eye out on the constantly shifting needs of the market, wide gaps often open up between the market price of a product and its purchas-ing price - meaning that it can be easy to end up with the short end of the stick in a deal. Our company has developed a unique appraisal method while also surveilling market prices in real time, meaning that we can recognize the slightest signs of value in any product. We hope to create a win-win situation for our customers by helping facilitate deals under rea-sonable prices.


No brokerage fee for the first ten items sold! Beginners welcome!

First ten items trial exhibition Nobrokerage fee

No brokerage fee for the first time for up to 10 items sold! Beginners welcome!
This is a deal that applies only to customers who have newly enrolled as a member with us for the first time. The standard rule regarding our brokerage fee is that we collect 5% (tax excluded) from the sale price paid from the buyer’s side, as well as 5% (tax excluded) from the amount received by the seller’s side. However, for new exhibiters at our auction, we will waive the brokerage fee for their first time in the auction, up to ten items. We hope that this will enable beginners to enjoy the auction environment without feeling burdened by any anxiety. Rest assured that under this promotion, no brokerage feel will be collected for your first time for up to ten items, regardless of their price.


Product value appraisal with our company’s unique quality grading method

This auction is run and managed by TSO Incorporated. Our staff, having accumulated a wealth of experience, knowledge, together with a keen sense of judgement, will conduct fair value appraisals on your item based on its market value. Even for popular items where the brand or model may make it difficult to ascertain its value, we have confidence that we can recognize the value in a wide variety of wares. Please rest assured that even after you have submitted your item to us, if you are not satisfied with the results of our appraisal, we will make sure to return it to you.


Exhibition made simple - just send it in!

Our staff will create an exhibition item list and do all the tagging work and other procedures for you - all you have to do is let us know what items you will put up for exhibition and how many you plan to exhibit. We will open the products from their packaging after you have sent them to us and do the work of checking the condition of the item as well as tagging it for merchan-dise management. Exhibiting at our auction is a breeze - no more need to attach tags or do any other work. Please also rest assured that we take the highest security measures possible to make sure your items are kept safe and secure.