About the managing company of World Camera Auction

This auction is run and managed by Precious Incorporated. Our operations span not only the entirety of Japan, but we are also aiming to expanding our services outside of Japan and to overseas. This gives us the ability to foster connections that give us a rich product variety that spans over rare, limited edition vintage goods as well as the newest, up to date digital cameras. In addition, many of the products we have prepared are products that are not yet distributed to the public. Our auction can provide these high quality products to you, one step ahead of the general market. The inspection and quality grading process we apply for these cameras are conducted properly by those of significant education and experience. As a result, we receive high praise for our grading process from both domestic and international buyers and sellers.

Managing Firm Precious ltd
Venue Name World Camera Auction
Venue Main Office: 171-0042 Tokyo, Toshima, Takamatsu 1-11-15 Morita Building 602
Phone number 0120-418-200 (WCA Operation Office)
Fax number 03-5917-6856
Antique number Secondhand Trading Permit, Tokyo Public Safety Commission,