Introduction to the auction

Our auction welcomes both the experienced as well beginners to participate in both buying and selling of goods. For those who are still are unfamiliar with the environment, please do not hesitate to ask any questions. We will take effort to answer any questions you have in detail. Once you have cleared any doubts and have decided to enroll as a member with us, you will be able to exhibit your items as well as participate in bidding. Both buyers and sellers will have to pay the entrance fee of 3,000 yen. Participation in the preliminary viewing show will have an entrance fee of 1,000 yen. Let us now move on to the steps of the auction process.

How to participate in an auction

STEP1Participation in an auction or preliminary viewing is, by principle, allowed only to those who have enrolled as members with us.
For safety purposes as well as for the sake of creating a high quality bidding environment, we require all customers to sign up as a member with us. A secondhand dealer’s permit is required for membership. Please check that your permit states that you are allowed to engage in buying and selling. There will also be an initial membership fee of 30,000 yen.
We will conduct an inspection after we have received your membership application, so please apply with extra time beforehand. One is allowed to tour as a visitor at our preliminary viewing show prior to enrolling as a member with us.
However, we require that all participants have a secondhand dealer’s permit to attend, even for the preliminary viewing show. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries about the application. We strive to deliver a polite approach in order to ensure a positive relationship with our customers.
STEP2There will be a guide to the members through email and direct mail DM about regarding our events.
We will send information regarding our events to our members via email as well as direct mail. In general, the auction will be held once a month (the second Friday of the month, from 10am-22pm), and the venue, because it is often undecided, cannot be explicitly listed here. In rare cases, for example if there are too many exhibited items, or if the exhibited items are too big and holding the event at the initial venue becomes too difficult we may have to resort to changing the venue unexpectedly. Additionally, if there are any changes, we will make sure to contact the customers and members. If there are any changes in the venue or schedule, we will notify our members through our website’s top page as well.
STEP3Please make an application to participate through telephone, email, or our website
For application to attend auction, please telephone, email us or sign up through our website. For exhibiters, please let us know the length of time that you plan to exhibit your item, the product itself, and the number of items to exhibit. We will create an exhibition list using that information. For privacy reasons, we do not reveal any personal information of the exhibiters as well as the bidders. Therefore, we will instead introduce the exhibition items through designated numbers.
STEP4We will contact the members who want to participate in the auction.
We will inform you about the required delivery date for your item, so please deliver your product to us by the specified due date. We promise our customers that their products will be treated with the utmost care and with the highest regard for safety. As a rule, products put up for bid should arrive at our office one week prior to the preliminary viewing. For those who have applied to participate at our auction, we will send information to you regarding the upcoming auction and any relevant information regarding that event.
We will send the date and time of the deadline for the arrival of your product through direct mail, fax, and through our website.
STEP5Please take the time to visit the preliminary viewing show as well (Optional) -> Find out more about the preliminary viewing here.
The preliminary viewing show is an event where the exhibits are shown beforehand, which is held over the span of two days.
This event allows you the chance to see all the products that will be out on auction day. This allows you to examine the state of the product as well as the market price, giving you time to think about bidding.
The preliminary viewing show is also recommended for exhibiters as well. While there are many auctions where communication between customers is prohibited, we provide an environment where everyone is allowed to freely communicate with one another. This creates an opportunity for the exhibiter to promote how they first acquired their product and what particular value their item may have.
preliminary viewing detail is here