Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

World Camera Auction members include not only veteran, top level buyers, but numerous beginners as well. The first time one attends an auction can be a stressful experience, and many have trouble because they do not know the best way to participate.
We compiled this list of questions we frequently receive from our customers in the hope that it will be of some reference to you.
If you have any questions that are not addressed on this page, feel free to contact us through the contact form or via telephone. We strive to provide answers in a polite and timely manner.


Q1What qualifications does one need to participate?
Both companies and private proprietors alike are able to participate. In order to participate at an auction, one needs to register as a member with us. Only those who possess a ‘secondhand dealer’s permit’ (kobutsushō kyokashō), with written indication on said permit that they are qualified to sell (gyōshō suru), are able to attain membership.
Q2What is a ‘secondhand permit’?
This refers to the permit that is required for participating in the business of buying and selling secondhand goods. Because secondhand good sales can easily become a gateway for the distribution of stolen goods, the Public Safety Commissions of the administrative divisions of Japan (via the police department) manage the sales activities of said goods. Every permit has a permit number inscribed on it. One must have this permit number in order to enroll as a member of this auction house.
Q3I intend to get my secondhand dealer’s permit soon, but
I don’t have one at present.
In this case, please present a legitimate form of identification instead.
Q4What sort of clients participate in the auction?
The auction is home to a variety of clients, ranging from secondhand camera stores, secondhand camera exporters, secondhand item merchants, as well as private proprietors. One can participate regardless if they are a business or acting individually.
Q5How much is the membership fee?
30,000 yen, including tax.
This is a one-time fee, and no further membership fees will be charged after enrollment.
Q6How much is the brokerage fee?
At the time one has certified a sale, we receive 5% (excluding tax) of the final amount passed to the seller, and 5% (excluding tax) of the amount passed from the buyer as a brokerage fee.
Q7I don’t have time to participate in an auction.
Is there any way for that I can sell my item immediately?
Our company can purchase your item from you. TSO Corporation, the managing company of this website, also engages in purchasing. We are able to provide a suitable price to you for your item based on current market value.
Q8I put an item up for auction, but I didn’t get the amount that I was hoping for.
Is it possible for me to withdraw my item?
On the day that the amount has been set, we will contact you to negotiate on your item.
Please rest assured that there will be no additional fees for withdrawing your item from auction.
Q9What payment methods do you accept?
We process payment through bank transfer only.
Q10When is the transfer deadline (for sellers) / the payment deadline (for buyers)?
We ask that you process your transfer within two business days of the auction (by Tuesday of the following week)
Q11I would like to take a tour since I’ve never been inside before.
By principle, only those who are members with us are allowed entry. However, those who are considering membership are allowed to take a tour within the facility.
A tour means that you will be able to see items up for bid and get a general idea of the overall atmosphere.
Please keep in mind that regardless of whether the tour falls on an auction day or on the day of a preliminary viewing, one will be required to present their secondhand dealer’s permit in order to attend. In addition, we will collect an attendance fee from all in attendance, including from visitors on tour. The fee for attendance on an auction day is 3,000 yen per person, or 1,000 yen per person on preliminary viewing days.