For those wishing to participate in our auction, we ask that both buyers and sellers alike submit an application for membership with us. Only those who possess a secondhand dealer’s permit(kobutsu-sho kyokasho), with explicit inscription that one is permitted to trade (gyosho suru), are qualified for membership. We also conduct a preliminary screening process prior to membership confirmation, so please submit your application with plenty of time to spare. Please rest assured that this auction house does not utilize outdated displays or pass phrases, creating an easy atmosphere for beginners to participate in an open bidding environment.

Four points to the buyer like

Seller is completely free of charge

We provide a stable purchasing process at a cheaper brokerage rate than online auctions. The attendance fee for one person at our auction amounts to 3,000 yen. Our function can be a gateway for new communication between businesses as well as a providing a new purchasing channel for you.

Preliminary viewing shows spanning over two days

We host preliminary viewing days both two days before auction day as well as the day immediately preceding auction day. Take the chance to inspect the condition of the wares, see market prices, and enable communication with both vendors and exhibiters.

Easy to understand auctioning

This auction does not make use of antiquated tagging or pass phrases. Beginners can feel safe about participating.

Free shipping for items when accumulative final bid price exceeds 2 million yen

For buyers who have in total put down 2 million yen in the accumulative bidding price on your items at one time, our company will cover the costs of shipping, meaning that you will no longer have to bear shipping costs for your items. Pesky shipping costs no longer pile up, meaning that putting down bids becomes so much easier.

Auction schedule

Once a month (to 22 pm the second Friday 10)

Every month we hold a one-time auction. Detailed schedule can be confirmed from the following blog.

Learn more about The dates

The attendance process for our auction

STEP1Membership enrollment.
We ask that participants enroll in membership with us first. We also ask that applicants present their secondhand dealer’s permit in order to be eligible for membership. A one time membership fee of 30,000 yen will be collected upon enrollment, after which there will be no further membership fees required. Please note that there will be a pre-enrollment screening process, so please make sure to apply with time to spare.
STEP2Information distribution
We will distribute information to our members informing them of auction dates as well as the auction venue via email, direct mail, and fax. Information about our schedule is also available on our webpage and through our blog.
STEP3Please submit an attendance request beforehand. We will collect the attendance fee at reception on the day of the event.
Please let us know how many members will be attending in your party through either email, telephone, or through the contact form on our website.
STEP4Preliminary viewing shows are held both two days before the auction day as well as the day before auction day
The preliminary viewing show gives attendants the chance to see all of the wares that will be up for exhibit and get a good look at their condition. Sellers are also welcome to participate in the preliminary viewing show. Feel free to ask any questions and communicate with other participants.
STEP5We will collect the attendance fee at the reception
Please let us know how many people are in your party on the day of the event at the reception. We will show you to your seats. Please be sure to pay the attendance for your party at the reception. The attendance fee amounts to 3,000 yen per participant. For those wishing to participant as a visitor and tour our facility, we will take a copy of your identification so please be sure to prepare it beforehand.
STEP6Auction day schedule
9 AM - Doors open, check-in begins
10 PM - Morning session
13 - Lunchtime
14 - Afternoon session

The schedule may run slightly early or late depending on the progress of the exhibition on that day. Regardless if you have made a bid or not, please be sure to let our staff know when you are leaving.
STEP7About pricing and billing
We will send you a billing statement via mail or fax at a later date. Payment can be processed through direct bank transfer only. As a rule, those participating in this auction must process billing through JapanNet Bank. Please prepare a bank account with this institution beforehand. For those wishing to proceed with payment through an account through a different bank, please contact the administration. We set the payment deadline as being two business days past the date that the payment statement has been sent. We firmly ask that participants make sure to process payment before the deadline has passed.
STEP8Shipment of purchased wares
We will ship your ware after payment has been processed. We ask that the customer cover the charge of shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1Are beginners allowed to participate?
We welcome any beginners who wish to participate. Anyone is free to enroll in membership as long as they have a secondhand dealer’s permit which expressly states that they have permission to trade. However, there is a screening period prior to enrollment so please keep this in mind. We make an effort to make sure the bidding process is easy for all to understand, so please feel free to apply.
Q2 What kind of wares are put up for auction?
We put a variety of wares on exhibit, ranging from highly valuable and rare vintage cameras to the newest single lens reflex cameras. We have wares collected from all across Japan, meaning our selection is rich in quantity.
Q3How can I participate in an auction?
Enrollment as a member is required first. In order to enroll as a member, one must possess a secondhand dealer’s permit with expressly written permission to trade. Visit this page for more information on membership.