We ask that all who wish to participate in this auction, both buyers and sellers, to submit an application for membership with us first. Only those who possess a secondhand dealer’s permit (kobutsusho kyokasho) with express statement that one is able to trade (gyosho suru) are eligible for membership. Please keep in mind that there is a preliminary screening process before membership, so please make sure to apply with plenty of time to spare. We are open to not only veteran buyers but also to novices and beginners as well. We strive to answer any questions in a polite manner, so please contact us if you have any inquiries.

Four points to the seller like

Seller is completely free of charge

Now it’s possible to put items up for exhibition with a brokerage rate cheaper than those of online auctions. The attendance fee in our auction is 3,000 yen per person. For any items that didn’t result in a finalizing bid, we will only collect the shipping fees from the exhibitor. Plus, we will waive the brokerage fee for sellers participating in the auction for the first time for up to ten items.

Where buyers gather from all around the world

Buyers come here not only from Japan, but also from the United States, China, as well as Europe. We provide a win-win for both buyers and sellers in an open auction environment, without getting caught up in old, restricting traditions.

Put items up for exhibit by just sending them in!

Our auction allows for consignment exhibition of items. Sellers need simply to let us the administration know how many items they plan to put up for bid, and then mailing those items to us. This process allows you to cut down the usual hassles of putting items for bid, and is a hit with our members. Our staff will assign tags to your items and then manage them through an exhibition item list. As a consignment fee, we will collect an amount starting from 100 yen per item. Please contact us requiring the consignment exhibition fee beforehand.

Proper protection of privacy

We will, under no circumstances, release the personal information of our buyers or sellers. Our company takes the utmost precautions to manage the safety of our customer’s personal information, and promises to work to keep this information protected.

Auction dates

Once a month (to 22 pm the second Friday 10)

Every month we hold a one-time auction. Detailed schedule can be confirmed from the following blog.

Learn more about The dates

How to participate in the auction

STEP1Membership enrollment.
We first ask that participants enroll in membership with us. We ask that applicants present their secondhand dealer’s permit in order to be eligible for membership. A one time membership fee of 30,000 yen will be collected upon enrollment, and there will be no further membership fees required. Please note that there will be a pre-enrollment screening process so please make sure to apply with time to spare.
STEP2Information check
We will distribute information to our members informing them of the auction dates as well as venues via email, direct mail, and fax. Information about our schedule is also available on our webpage and through our blog.
STEP3Attendance reservations
Each time you wish to attend the auction, please send an entry application for attendance via telephone, mail, or through the contact form on our website. When sending your entrance form, please let us know how many items you plan to put up for exhibition. We will send you an exhibition list adjusted for the number of items. Those wishing to participate through consignment exhibition, please let us know.
We will contact you regarding the exhibition method and the date from which we will accept shipments. Please fill in the exhibition item form by entering in the details of the items you intend to put up for auction, and then please send it back to us - it must reach us within the period spanning from the last Wednesday of each month until the first Wednesday of the next month. You can confirm the payment deadline on our website at any time.
STEP5Please send us your exhibition item list as well as the wares you plan to exhibit
After filling in the details of the items you wish to sell on the exhibition item sheet, package it together with the ware(s) you wish to sell and send it to our office. Please make sure that the package arrives at our office within the shipping deadline that we informed of you in advance in order to avoid any trouble or mishaps.
STEP6Confirmation that your wares have been exhibited and then bidding via auction
We will do an inspection by cross-referencing the exhibition sheet you sent us to make sure that number of items are correct, or if the items sent are the ones inscribed on the sheet. Exhibition procedures will be completed after we have finished our confirmation. We will contact you from our office to let you know that your exhibition procedures have been completed.
STEP7 Those who wish to participate, please take the chance to come to the preliminary viewing show
The preliminary show is held over two days, starting two days before the auction begins. At the preliminary viewing show of our auction, both buyers and sellers are able to freely talk and communicate with one another.
STEP8 Auction day and payment
We will put the items you sent to us up for bid at the auction. After the auction has completed, we will send a detailed statement to you via mail or fax. We will transfer payment to you within the next five business days after the auction has completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1What is the minimum number of items I have to exhibit in order to participate?
We accept exhibition requests starting from one item. Please feel free to use our exhibition service as you wish. We make an effort to provide detailed answers to you, so please let us know of any questions that you may have.
Q2What happens if no buyers come to purchase my ware?
We will send your item back to you after the auction has completed. We will not collect a service charge for returning your item.
Q3What happens if the bid price I received is lower than the specified index price of my item?
In most cases we will send your item back to you. However, if the bid price is considered close to the standard index price, we will put the request on hold and then contact the vendor regarding if they wish to consider selling their item at the price of the bid.