Regarding the entrance fee and sign-up fee

For safety reasons as well as for the sake of creating a high quality bidding environment, we require all customers to sign up as a member with us. For membership requirements as well as other details, please read our ‘Terms of Membership’ page. Membership fee is required only once upon enrollment. We will also collect 3,000 yen per person for every auction attended. If a deal is successfully made, we will also collect a brokerage fee. (0% from the seller, 10% from the bidder). This price is set lower than many other conventional auction sites. Additionally, because sellers can enjoy an exemption from the brokerage fee for up to ten items on their first entry, this allows exhibiters the chance to observe the auction as well as the marketplace, and the overall atmosphere.

Fee and price details

Initial membership fee
30,000 yen (excluding tax) ※One time fee upon enrollment
Auction participation fee
3,000 yen per event(excluding tax), multiplied by number of people in your party.
Brokerage fee when deal is made
0% from seller(excluding tax)、10% from bidder(excluding tax)

Other expenses and shipping fees must be paid by the participating member.
Please also prepare your own cardboard boxes and packaging.
Please keep in mind if you do not throw away your own packaging,
we may ask you to pay for additional cleaning fees.