About World Camera Auction’s Preliminary Viewing Shows

We hold a preliminary inspection two days before every auction in order to confirm the condition of a product as well as its market price.
Attendance at the preliminary viewing is optional, and it is possible to participate in the auction without participating in the preliminary viewing.
The preliminary viewing show is a chance for participants to see in advance what items will be put up for bid on auction day.
Though there is a defined time limit for the preliminary viewing, this event allows you to get a firmer idea of what goods will be put up for bid before the auction, allowing one to feel more comfortable about participating.
It is for these reasons that we recommend that all participants take the chance you to attend the preliminary viewing.

Preliminary Viewing Overview

Date and time
The second week of every month, conducted over two days (Wednesday to Thursday) Please keep in mind that the preliminary viewing event time changes depending on the day of the week.
· Wednesday 10am to 22pm
· Thursday 10am to 18pm
Morita Bldg West Ikebukuro 602. 1-11-15 Takamatsu,Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Entrance fee
1000 yen per person
Notification method
We will notify you regarding our schedule through our website, by mail, and by fax.
How to enter
Via telephone or fax.
Max number of attendants per party
2 people per 1 company (1 name)

Our preliminary viewing spans over two days in order to accommodate to those who have come from far away or for those whose schedule may conflict with one of the days in which the event will be hosted.
Please note that the date and venue may change depending on the number of items on exhibit and people participating.
We will send any changes in schedule or other updates regarding our preliminary viewing to any of those who have expressed an interest in participating.
In addition, we ask for an additional 1,000 yen per person as a facility fee. During the preliminary viewing, you are permitted to freely enter and leave the venue. You are also free to arrive at the preliminary viewing when you wish, and leaving the venue to take breaks is permitted.

Preliminary Viewing Guidelines

As a rule, only those who are enrolled as a member of this auction house are able to participate in the preliminary viewing shows.
Those who are considering enrolling as a member with us are also permitted to attend our preliminary viewing as a part of a tour.
However, a secondhand dealer’s permit (kobutsu-shō kyokashō) is required regardless if you are a member or a visitor.
Please check that your permit states that you have permission to buy and sell (gyōshō suru)

Prohibited Actions

All exhibited items are given numbers for the purpose of merchandise management as well as for privacy measures.
Please also note that the items are in the care of auction from their original owners. It is permitted to take the product in hand to confirm its quality, but please take special care when handling the exhibited item.
Additionally, due to the fact that many expensive wares are present on the event of a preliminary viewing, we take every measure to ensure security is assured at our venue.

The managing body of the auction will make appropriate judgment of the legality of any other unexpected activities that are absent from the following list.
Additionally, on the event that you are witness to any of the above activities, we urge that you do not make any attempts to directly approach or confront those in offense, as this can lead to unpleasant consequences.
Please instead report to management immediately if you witness any of the above suspicious behaviors.

Examples of prohibited acts

  • ·Changing the product placement order
  • ·Switching the tags
  • ·Misplacing the tags
  • ·Switching the products
  • ·Walking around with the exhibited item in hand
  • ·Concealment of an exhibited item
  • ·Removing the exhibited item without notifying the operator
  • ·Buying or selling of goods without the auction management’s permission
  • ·Any photography of the auction
  • ·Opening a product that has yet to be opened
  • ·Excessive examination of a product
  • ·Any action that will lessen the quality of the product
  • ·Any illegal or unlawful actions
  • ·Fraudulent participation in the auction with fake identification

The merits of the preliminary viewing

You get the chance to see exhibited items in advance

Attending a preliminary auction means that you have the chance to preview all the items that will go up for bid on auction day, allowing you the chance to confirm the wares and make other considerations. This is something that you cannot experience through internet auctions. This also gives you the chance to confirm the market price of the products, making it easier for you to plan your budget and make bids. Considering all these elements, the preliminary viewing show is a great way for both beginners and those with more experience to enjoy the auction environment.

Communication between bidders

One of the characteristics of our auction is that the exhibiters can enjoy direct communication with the bidders. If there is anyone that is interested in your exhibit, you are welcome to talk about how your item came into your possession, as well as any other sales points you would like to make.
Conventional auctions do not allow interaction between bidders and exhibiters in order to prevent any negotiations outside of the auction. However, our auction does not believe that there is a problem with communication between the bidders. We believe that these kind of incidents occur because the atmosphere of the auction makes the customers feel that it is more beneficial to make deals outside of the auction space. Therefore, although we have several defined guidelines in place, we hope that the preliminary viewing show is a place that allows a flow of information. We want to provide a place where, from the bidders point of view, the auction house is place for them to further their understanding of the exhibited items, and from the exhibiters’ point of view, the auction house can be a place where they can appeal their product to those who are interested.